brass wall decorations

Timeless, hand-crafted brass wall decorations made using traditional casting technology from the WallDecorations collection combine generations of craftsmanship tradition with innovative design and the latest interior trends.


With more than 30 designs of brass wall decor available in the collection in a variety of sizes and colourways, you can create unique compositions in both classic and modern interiors. Be inspired and let your imagination run wild.


brass furniture handles

The Art Collection’s furniture handles, manufactured using a traditional casting technology, are the quintessence of sculptural art encased in brass, where harmony meets sublime abstraction.


With references to Art Deco and Neoclassicism, the ArtCollection inspires the use of seemingly rich ornamentation in subtle form, creating exclusive and distinctive interiors. Discover the beauty of timeless handles for connoisseurs of the highest quality and refined form.


brass furniture handles

Order and harmony based on the lines of a circle and a rectangle. Brass furniture handles from the Modern collection for lovers of simple but striking solutions of the highest quality are minimalist shapes created using modern technology.

Inspired by the simplicity of geometry and the nobility of the material itself, brass furniture knobs, brass shell and line handles remain a timeless solution for both modern and classic style interiors. Discover our interpretation of minimalism.


brass furniture handles

Uneven grooves, irregular shapes of flora and fauna carved and created by hand by specialised craftsmen in a local manufactory. Brass furniture fittings and wall decorations from the Organic collection are the beauty of imperfect nature depicted in brass.


Interior decorations with animal and floral motifs, bring an air of freshness and lightness to the interior, while soothing the senses and catching the eye. Discover the Organic collection and bring the subtle charm that comes from nature into your interior.