The PAP DECO brand was established by Piotr and Marcin Paplinski. The brothers grew up in an artistic family that has been involved in a wide range of metalwork for 30 years, including the production of artistic brass products and exclusive statuettes for the most important events in Poland. The brothers’ knowledge of the characteristics of brass, their constant contact with the material and the discovery of a market niche led them to create their first brass wall decoration project (Icon). 


After several months of handcrafting unusual wall decorations, in 2018 PAP DECO debuted with a pioneering collection of brass furniture handles using the same traditional casting technology thus creating a new trend of using brass furniture fittings  in the most sophisticated interiors of private homes as well as public spaces. 


Nowadays, the brothers run the company together with their father, who instilled in them the passion not only for brass but above all for craftsmanship, design and art. PAP DECO was created for those who appreciate aesthetics, uniqueness, timelessness, top quality and attention to detail. 


Home is a safe space, giving peace and serenity, which is why at PAP DECO we create furniture handles and wall decorations in brass that not only impress with their design, but also give a sense of stability. We create timeless products from the highest quality material, inspiring you to make choices for the long term that guarantee a sense of fulfillment, distinction and satisfaction.


We believe in sustainability, which is why every handle and wall decoration is custom-made from recycled brass.


We are changing the approach to objects once associated primarily with function, but now adorning the interiors of family homes and public spaces.

Our mission is to inspire people to surround themselves with the beauty that comes from craftsmanship and to create unique experiences every day.